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FAQs - Pretrial


Q: Does a Pretrial Services Officer work for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, also known as the "government?"
Q: I was sentenced and have been allowed to self-surrender to a federal institution. Am I still on supervision?
Q: I am on Pretrial supervision, and I was arrested or cited. What do I do now?
Q: I am on drug testing and was just prescribed medication by my doctor. What should I do?
Q: What are the types of bond may be set by the Court?
Q: What is needed to post a property bond?
Q: What happens if the bond is revoked?
Q: What does it mean when someone is a third party custodian?
Q: What are the conditions of release?
Q: What is home confinement?
Q: What is required for electronic monitoring in a home?
Q: I am owed court-ordered restitution, who do I contact to get myI have an urgent issue and my officer is not available. What should I do? money?
Q: I forgot to call the drug testing color code line last night, what can I do now?