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Workforce Development


  • Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency

    1740 Langdon Farm Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
    (513) 569-1840

    The Ex-Offender Fresh Start Program is an employment readiness, case management, job matching and retention program for ex-offenders age 18 and older who live in Hamilton County. The program focuses on identifying and eliminating employment barriers including housing, transportation, and other issues that face the ex-offender population.

    The Ex-Offender Fresh Start Program provides services to ex-offenders in 3 phases:

    1. Case management which includes a barriers assessment and action plan;
    2. Job readiness classes that include life skills and employment readiness training; and
    3. Development of an Individualized Employment Plan and job search assistance.


    The Ex-Offender Fresh Start Program provides ongoing case management and retention services for up to 12 months in order to promote stabilization and reduce recidivism.

    To date, Fresh Start has served 3005 through job readiness training and placed 135 in full-time employment with an average wage of $10.25 an hour.

    For program information contact Lorri Frazier at (513) 569-1840 ext. 1072.

  • Talbert House Workforce Re-Entry Program

    2433 Iowa Avenue
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45206
    (513) 961-3292

    The Workforce Re-Entry program provides services to nonviolent offenders by easing the transition from incarceration to living in the community.

    Program Services:

    • Job placement (vocational assessment, job training and placement and ongoing support)
    • Intensive case management
    • Social support and mentoring (self-esteem building, role modeling, problem resolution)
    • Other assistance as needed (housing, drug and alcohol treatment, mental and primary health care services and transportation)


    Admission Criteria for the Workforce Re-Entry Program, the client must:

    • be a nonviolent offender
    • live in Hamilton County, Ohio
    • be at least 18 years of age
    • must have been released from custody within the last six months


    Referrals can be made through community agencies, corrections facilities or through self-referral.

    For more information call (513) 961-3292.

  • Urban League of Greater Cincinnati

    3458 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45229-3128
    (513) 487-6532


    • Job Training

      The Urban League offers multiple workforce training programs for job seekers. If you are entering the job market or seeking a new or better opportunity, training, recruiting, placement and support services are offered to you.

      To attend any of the Urban League FREE employment programs you must attend one Career Information Session. The sessions are offered every Tuesday at 2pm or 5pm and every Friday at 9am at 3458 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229. For more information on building a better future, contact Robin Ewing at 513-559-5445.

    • Accelerated Call Center Education (ACE)

      ACE is the Urban League’s customized training program for call center operators. It provides intensive training in computer skills, customer service and “multi-tasking: in a four week simulated call center environment designed to qualify graduates for the high end of entry-level employment in the call-center industry.

      ACE Daytime Classes are held Monday through Thursday 9am to 4pm. For more information, contact Tiffany Porter, Program Manager and ACE Trainer at 513-487-6520.

    • Solid Opportunities for Advancement (SOAR)

      SOAR is the Urban League’s “job readiness” program that works with individuals to review prior work habits to help them understand what they may be doing to hamper their own career success. Topics include communication skills, money, time and conflict management. Once this three week program is completed, job placement assistance is provided.

      For more information on building a better future contact Robin Ewing at 513-559-5445.

    • PlacePro Internet Career Center

      PlacePro is the Urban League’s online job search tool. Companies with job openings are invited to contract with the Urban League to post positions. Urban League participants eligible for job referrals can post or update their resume in the PlacePro Internet Career Center. Participants can search for a new career right from home and employers can review resumes online.

      Contact Rahman Shabazz at 513-487-6516 for more information, login codes, and passwords.

    • Employment Connections

      Employment Connections gives employers the opportunity to connect directly with a group of hand-picked individuals. Urban League staff recruit potential employees based upon specifications from the employer. Individuals go to the employer’s location or to the Urban League’s location to hear about job opportunities. Thousands of individuals have participated in the program that have led to hundreds of successfully filled positions each year.

      For more information on building a better future contact Robin Ewing at 513-559-5445.

    • GED Preparation

      GED classes are provided weekly for anyone wanting to complete their high school education. Instructors are provided by Cincinnati Public Schools and there is no cost for this training.

      For more information on building a better future contact Robin Ewing at 513-559-5445.

  • Business and Workforce Resource Center of Clermont County

    756 Old State Route 74
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
    (513) 943-3000


    BWRC of Clermont County is certified as a One Stop Employment and Training Center for Individual Services/Workforce Investment Act, Job Search and Skill Enhancement: Facilitating Lifelong Learning.

    Use the BWRC as your personal job search office, or meet with a BWRC consultant to get personalized job search assistance. Find out how to get connected with a training provider to help enhance your skills and increase your marketability.


    • Job Search Orientation
    • Career Advancement Seminars
    • Education and Community Resources
    • Interviews with Guest Employers
    • Resume Assistance
    • Computer Training
    • Resource Room - access to computers, printers, fax machines and copiers
    • TDD/TDY available for the hearing impaired


  • Jewish Vocational Service

    4300 Rossplain Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45236-1208
    (513) 985-0515


    Jewish Vocational Service Employment programs assist consumers in obtaining and maintaining community employment.

    Key Services:


    • Job Development and Placement programs assist individuals in exploring career options; community-based job training; adjustment and placement; learning job seeking skills; and obtaining and maintaining employment.

      For further information contact Chrissy Perkins at (513) 347-1511.

    • Job Coaching provides an array of services including on or off-site assistance job retention skills training, on-site task training and off-site counseling and support.

      For further information contact Jonathan Sherwood at (513) 347-1515.

    • Follow-Along services provide ongoing support to individuals and assist with issues such as adapting to changes in supervisors, assigned work tasks, living situation, etc.

      For further information contact Jonathan Sherwood at (513) 347-1515.


  • Super Jobs Cincinnati

    Super Jobs Center offers free job fairs, job search workshops, resume tools and much more. Its three locations in Cincinnati are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday and until 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.


    Super Jobs Center - Downtown
    1916 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214
    (513) 731-9800, phone
    (513) 458-6148, fax

    Super Jobs Center - Springdale
    110 Boggs Lane, Suite 185
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
    (513) 825-1070, phone
    (513) 771-0535, fax

    Super Jobs Center - Jordan Crossing
    1740 Langdon Farm Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
    (513) 631-3062, phone
    (513) 631-3068, fax


  • Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation

    Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission
    617 Vine Street, Suite 925
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2423
    (513) 852-3260

    The Rehabilitation Services Commission (RSC) helps people with disabilities prepare for careers consistent with their interests and abilities. RSC services include evaluation, counseling and guidance, training, treatment and job placement assistance.

    People served by RSC have many different types of disabilities, including but not limited to: asthma or bronchial conditions, back or neck injuries, blindness or low vision, brain injury, cerebral palsy, clinical depression, congenital conditions, deafness, diabetes, diseases of the blood, disorders of kidneys, liver, stomach or intestines, drug or alcohol dependence, epilepsy, hearing loss, heart and lung conditions, impairment of the hand, arm, foot or leg, learning difficulties, mental retardation, missing or amputated limbs, nerve disorders, psychiatric disabilities, tuberculosis, speech impairments

    Basic services may include:

    • Counseling and planning to jointly choose an employment goal based on your strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, capabilities, and interests. A thorough objective understanding of your assets and liabilities, and of employment opportunities, is a prerequisite in planning.

    • Personal and work adjustment training may be purchased by RSC to help you reach your occupational objective by:

      • acquiring personal habits, attitudes and skills needed to function effectively on the job;
      • increasing your work tolerance;
      • developing work habits and orientation to the work world; or
      • learning techniques that can compensate for loss of a bodily or sensory function such as mobility or sight.


    • Vocational training can be purchased or secured by RSC when needed and available. Training might include vocational school, college, technical or business school, or on-the-job or supported employment training in an industrial or commercial firm.

      If supplies such as textbooks or tools are required for vocational training, or licenses and equipment are necessary to begin an occupation, RSC can help with those items.

    • Physical and mental restoration may be provided so you can attain employment. This may include medical or mental health treatment, eyeglasses or hearing aids, artificial limbs or braces or other services.

      For further information call (513) 852-3260.


  • Regional One-Stop Consortium

    The consortium is a partnership of employment and training provider agencies working together to better serve businesses and individuals in the Tri-State area. Services for individuals include:


    • employment assistance;
    • information on labor market and supportive services;
    • professional and technical referrals;
    • access to local and nationally listed jobs;
    • internet access;
    • resume development;
    • testing and assessment;
    • job skills and workshops;
    • information for adult education, GED testing and government retraining programs;
    • customized programs for job seekers with disabilities, veterans, mature workers, and migrant/seasonal workers;
    • unemployment insurance assistance; employer information; and
    • financial aid information


    Area One-Stop Centers:

    Business and Workforce Resource Center of Clermont County
    756 Old State Route 74
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
    (513) 943-3000

    Butler County Job Center
    2270 Dixie Highway
    Hamilton, Ohio 45015
    (513) 785-6500

    One-Stop Career Alliance of NKY
    8020 Veterans Memorial Drive
    Florence, KY 41042
    (859) 371-0808

    One-Stop Career Alliance of NKY
    320 Garrard Street
    Covington, KY 41011
    (859) 292-6666

    Super Jobs Center
    1916 Central Parkway (downtown)
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45216
    (513) 731-9800

    Super Jobs Center
    1174 West Kemper Road (Forest Park)
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45240
    (513) 825-1070

    Warren County One-Stop Business and Employment Center
    300 East Silver Street
    Lebanon, Ohio 45036
    (513) 695-1130
    (513) 925-1130



  • Alvis House

    1991 Bryden Road
    Columbus, Ohio 43205
    (614) 252-8402

    Alvis House provides research based re-entry programs and services, such as case management and employment assistance. Alvis House can make your job search easier because employment representatives meet with a diverse group of employers everyday. Alvis House works to match each person’s talent with the needs of over 400 local companies that hire Alvis House clients.

    Alvis House has staff experienced in teaching the essentials of how to identify, obtain and hold a job. Participants learn how to properly complete a job application and resume, and how to conduct themselves during an interview.

    Learning to deal honestly and effectively with having a felony conviction builds confidence and improves the potential for a successful return to the community.

    Client Services

    The basic pre-employment workshop is designed to teach participants all of the essential elements of the job selection process. Fundamentals such as understanding the local job market and transportation system, improving telephone techniques, and enhancing job interview skills are tailored to fit individual needs.


    Employment representatives work with each client on defining their interests, developing leads, and submitting and following the progress of applications. Representatives also maintain monthly contacts with employers, should a problem arise on the job.

    Continuing Support

    Individuals who complete the program are encouraged to stay in touch with employment representatives. Call and let us know how your job is going; or if you need a referral or additional vocational counseling.

    Referral Services

    Alvis House works with a variety of agencies and institutions to provide support and opportunities for clients. Clients are provided with clothing vouchers, bonding information, opportunities for education and/or vocational training, and information on community social services and health care agencies.

    Benefits to Employers

    Many employers recognize that the population served by Alvis House constitutes an excellent labor pool with a wide range of skills and experience, and above average motivation.

    Screening and Liaison Services

    Alvis House offers referrals of pre-assessed clients to employers. Employment representatives work to match the needs of employers with client skills and interests. Performance in the program is continuously monitored. Employment representatives communicate with each employer on a regular basis and are available to assist if questions or concerns arise.

    No Cost

    There is no fee for clients seeking assistance from the Alvis House Employment Unit.



  • PowerNet of Dayton

    184 Salem Avenue
    Dayton, Ohio 45406
    (937) 225-3120

    PowerNet of Dayton offers programs for formerly incarcerated individuals who want to live healthy, productive, law-abiding lives. The PowerNet of Dayton program offers case management, mentoring, group intervention, and referral services to faith-based and community programs to assist the ex-offender with re-entry issues. The services offered by PowerNet of Dayton aide the ex-offender in developing job seeking and retention skills.